Do you feel it’s time to stop drinking?

Do you feel it’s time to stop drinking?

If the consequences of your drinking are catching up with you it’s time to seek help from the Alcoholics Anonymous support group. Meetings are held daily throughout the Costa del Sol

Alcoholics Anonymous

Costa del Sol

Monday, 15 January 2024, 15:32

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The holiday season is almost over. January, the month of moderation and resolutions is now upon us. Did you overindulge? Have you made promises to cut-back, reduce or completely stop drinking? Promises that you are now finding impossible to keep.

Deep down you know things can’t carry on as they are. The consequences of your drinking are catching you up. The hangovers are killing you; maybe you are starting to drink earlier, or once you pick up a drink you don’t know how it will end. Physically your body isn’t doing well, relationships are suffering, people are commenting.

Yet, no matter how hard you try, how many promises you make - to yourself, to your family, to friends - the compulsion to drink is just too strong. Sound familiar? Then you are not alone.

Millions of people worldwide struggle with problems related to alcohol use. If you: often drink more or for longer than you planned too; have tried to cut back (or stop) and found you couldn’t; drink to deal with feelings and emotions; or if your drinking is interfering with your life - your responsibilities, relationships, finances, or health. Then you could have a problem with alcohol.

There is a solution; Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a 12-step fellowship support group, that has helped people all over the world with their problem drinking. If the consequences of your alcohol use are getting too much, if you are ready to stop drinking, or want support to help you try, then don’t wait until it gets any worse.

Here Nick and Trish, two members of Alcoholics Anonymous, talk about how they came to AA in desperation, and it has turned their lives around.

Nick: “I am 58 years old. I don’t come from a family of big drinkers. There was alcohol around as I was growing up but it was never an issue for other family members, just me! It led to the breakdown of my first marriage, to not being around for my kids and to me nearly losing my second wife. To anyone who is struggling with alcohol, I would say, if you want a better life without drinking, just try. Never-say-never. I didn’t think I could do it and my journey is just beginning. My life is so much better now. No hangovers. I am of service to others. I have a better relationship with my children, my wife. I understand myself much more.”

Trish: “I am in my 70s. In my youth, I was a party girl, I drank, so did all my friends and my husband. Following a devastating tragedy in my 30s, my drinking increased. I used alcohol to numb myself, and to anaesthetise the emotional pain. My physical health began to fail, and I was told I had to stop drinking. I went to treatment and found out I was an alcoholic. I cried for hours. I thought my life was over and my opinion of alcoholics was very derogatory. Then I went to my first meeting and imagine my surprise. Everyone looked so well …. they all seemed to have jobs, families … and they were happy. My journey began. It wasn’t easy, and there were some blips in the beginning, but with the continuous help of AA, I had my last drink when I was 40. Thirty (plus) years later and I am still sober! I’m also still a party girl, just nowadays – thank God – a sober one!”

Contact details

There are meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, with friendly people who will understand, held daily throughout the Costa del Sol. Meetings are free to attend, and anyone who thinks they may have a problem with alcohol is welcome.

Call the English-speaking AA helpline for support: +34 600 379 110 or visit the website for help and information:

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