Peace of mind from knowing that your health insurance in Spain won't be cancelled

Peace of mind from knowing that your health insurance in Spain won't be cancelled

Wednesday, 4 October 2023


There's nothing better than knowing that your health is protected and that in times of need you have specialists on hand to provide immediate attention. So having private medical insurancethat looks after your health in Spain is really important.

But, what if the company you contracted cancels your insurance when you reach a certain age and have already developed some sort of illness? You would find yourself in the difficult situation of having to find an insurer that would accept you.

ASSSA is committed to long-term health care. That's why it offers a lifetime guarantee under contract so that their Insured are the only ones who can decide to renew their insurance.

Plus, for greater peace of mind, they are fully transparent when it comes to telling you all the significant aspects of the policy at the time of contracting, with everything set out clearly in the information documents and in the contract so that everything can be checked at any time.

The ASSSA health insurance also offers many more advantages: the insurance premium will not increase with age; it meets all the requirements for obtaining a visa or residence in Spain; they have multilingual professional staff to advise you; they offer an extensive medical directory and lifetime discounts agreed at the time when the policy is contracted are maintained.

With ASSSA your health is well insured.

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