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Fixed teeth in one day, a latest generation treatment

Dr. Aleksandar Vujanovic, a graduate of King’s College London and a specialist in oral surgery and implantology with an MFDS in Edinburgh performs this technique at Harmonia Dental

The mouth plays a fundamental role in people’s general health and well-being as it affects chewing, swallowing, pronunciation and is an important social element through the smile.

That is why, in order to respond to patients’ needs, dentistry has made great progress in recent years, supported by technological advances and the work of specialists. One of the most outstanding fields in this regard is implant dentistry, where it is now possible to have fixed teeth in one day, guaranteeing patients the ability to chew food better, speak smoothly and display a natural smile, among other benefits.

At Harmonia Dental they specialise in immediate implantology, a technique performed by Dr. Aleksandar Vujanovic, a graduate of King’s College London and a specialist in oral surgery and implantology with an MFDS Diploma (Member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery) from The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Thanks to this high-level qualification and the experience accumulated over more than a decade, Dr. Vujanovic carries out the planning, extraction and placement of implants within hours, which is particularly appreciated by patients who are spending a few days in Málaga and want to improve their oral health in the best hands.

To carry out this process successfully and safely, Harmonia Dental uses state-of-the-art technology, the most advanced dental techniques and thorough protocols. In addition, they only work with the most renowned suppliers, such as Straumann® Group.

The first step is to ensure the patient’s dental health by carrying out a complete periodontal check-up. Subsequently, a study is carried out prior to surgery by means of a state-of-the-art CT scan to check the quality and quantity of bone the patient has, the type of dental implant to be used, etc. After this, the procedure is carried out, placing the fixed teeth designed according to the patient’s characteristics, needs and tastes. “They are customisable in shape, size and colour so that each person can have the smile they want,“ says Dr. Vujanovic.

Once the implants have been loaded, the centre’s team of hygienists monitor and maintain the implants until the definitive prosthesis are fitted, once the healing process is complete.

The key to the success of this leading centre, located in the Carrefour Shopping Centre in Las Lagunas de Mijas and with another clinic in Barcelona, is its commitment to technology and training. “It is vital to have the latest technology and to be committed to the continuous training of the team,“ says the specialist, who is currently training in zygomatic implant surgery and has also taught in England and Barcelona.