Magdalena de Troya and Antonio Cansino with the report. SUR
Costa hospital project detects over a hundred precancerous skin lesions in 2023

Costa hospital project detects over a hundred precancerous skin lesions in 2023

The year-end review reveals significant health impact figures, including skin check-ups for 816 individuals and the publication of six articles in scientific journals

María Albarral


Friday, 26 January 2024, 15:46


In 2023, the Hospital Costa del Sol in Marbella conducted a health and skin cancer prevention initiative called Proyecto Soludable. Last year, a total of 120 precancerous and suspicious skin lesions were detected during the check-ups of 816 individuals (250 in 2022). Among them, 78 cases of actinic keratosis—a premalignant lesion that can develop into squamous cell skin cancer—and a total of 46 lesions suspected of skin cancer (seven of which were melanomas) were identified.

Magdalena de Troya, director of the dermatology department, along with Antonio Cansino, managing director of HUCS (Hospital Universitario Costa del Sol), provided details of all the activities, conferences, and events organised or actively participated in. In total, Soludable was present at 34 events in 2023 (four times more than in 2022), with active participation from 1,699 individuals who filled out questionnaires, had their skin examined, and/or actively participated in training sessions.

In 2023, a total of six articles were published in high-impact scientific journals, making a significant contribution to the scientific community. Regarding the impact in the digital world, the community has grown by more than 75%, closing the year with 1,875 followers. The project's presence has quintupled in radio, press, and television appearances, reaching a total of 150.

The Soludable team has expanded to 93 members, with the addition of 10 new members in 2023. According to Magdalena de Troya, "All of them come from previously unexplored fields, such as pharmacy, where innovative ideas are being contributed in health promotion and skin cancer prevention."

"After a year of significant achievements, including a strong commitment to sun protection in the workplace, 2024 is shaping up to be a year of great impact and improvement for the health of Andalucía and Spain in terms of sun exposure." In this regard, De Troya also wanted to 'express gratitude to all the individuals, institutions, and companies that have collaborated to make this possible."

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