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A beautiful, well-kept smile, the key to a healthy mouth
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A beautiful, well-kept smile, the key to a healthy mouth

Harmonía Dental offers the most innovative treatments in dental aesthetics, such as 3D intraoral scanning, to guarantee the best results in the shortest possible time

Thursday, 16 March 2023, 10:33


A beautiful, well-kept smile brightens up the face, conveys positive emotions and improves a person's self-esteem. But that's not all. Having a healthy mouth with strong, well-aligned teeth improves its functionality as well as aiding better chewing and food processing, supporting digestion and helping to maintain better overall health.

For all these reasons, cosmetic dentistry, a dental speciality that aims not only to improve teeth and gums but also to ensure that the changes made integrate with the rest of the patient's facial features, is becoming increasingly important.

At Harmonía Dental, a leading clinic located in the Carrefour Las Lagunas shopping centre in Mijas and directed by Dr. Aleksandar Vujanovic, they have a team of specialised professionals and the latest technology to carry out the most innovative treatments.

Before and after aesthetic dental treatment.
Before and after aesthetic dental treatment. SUR

As Dr. Sandra Mateos, a dentist specialising in cosmetic dentistry at the centre, explains, the first step is to carry out an individual study, taking into account the patient's needs, features and requirements. «We carry out a study with the intraoral 3D scanner to find out exactly what the results will look like. This not only guarantees patient satisfaction but also avoids extra appointments and allows for better control of the results, as everything is digitalised.»

They also carry out all kinds of treatments, from veneers (composite or porcelain and tailor-made according to the facial features) to whitening, reconstructions or gingivectomies, a periodontal surgery technique that helps to reduce the amount of excessive gum.

Moreover, as Mateos stresses, all these treatments are carried out with the help of technology, using increasingly less invasive techniques and with spectacular results.

As Dr. Vujanovic says, this allows for better results in less time, one of the keys to the success of this clinic, which is trusted by many foreign patients who are spending a few days in Málaga and visit the centre for its speed and quality, improving their oral health or aesthetics efficiently and in the best hands.

In addition to this, the clinic's success is based on its professionals' ongoing education, the constant updating of their specialities and digital advances. «At Harmonía Dental, we base our work on having the latest technology and on the continuous training of our team in order to offer our patients the best solutions in the shortest possible time,» the director emphasises.

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