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This is the Malaga company making innovative croquettes
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This is the Malaga company making innovative croquettes

From the classics with cured ham to others made with octopus, curry or white chocolate, Kroqueting continues to surprise its customers

Marina Martíñez


Friday, 19 January 2024, 17:58


A group of young entrepreneurs launched a venture, Kroqueting, in Malaga in 2015. The company, as its name suggests, exclusively making croquettes, and now has a catalogue of nearly thirty savoury and sweet options which are ready for cooking. From the classics made with Iberian cured ham or 'cocido' stew, to those with Lotus biscuits and cocoa; Kinder with white chocolate; chicken, mango, and curry; cuttlefish with almond sauce; Galician-style octopus; aubergine with honey; or the New York, with bacon, chicken, gherkin, Cheddar cheese, and mustard (the croquette version of a burger from a well-known multinational).

They keep experimenting and claim that their biggest investment currently lies in researching and developing new recipes. This has led them to grow from the bottom up, "at cruising speed". Word of mouth has influenced their success.

But above all, they excel in customising orders; adapting to the demands of any catering professional. There they continue to surprise as well. An example is one of their latest creations: red tuna tartare croquette.

And the innovative ideas keep coming. From bicoloured and tricoloured versions to a unique ring shape. In addition, they make vegan, vegetarian and lactose-free croquettes. All are "one hundred per cent homemade", shaped and breaded by hand at their headquarters in the Guadalhorce industrial estate.

Both traditional and haute cuisine restaurants throughout Spain are among their clients: from their native Malaga to Madrid and Zaragoza. Kroqueting also sells to individuals and supplies croquettes to all types of events.

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