Ponte Salvaje and the 'smash burger' aim to conquer Malaga

Ponte Salvaje and the 'smash burger' aim to conquer Malaga

The brand's burgers 'crushed' under a weight as they cook will be initially available from Ohana Poké premises and in the Glovo app


Friday, 17 February 2023, 20:52


Lovers of good burgers now have a new place to explore in Malaga: Ponte Salvaje has set out to conquer the palate of Malaga with its concept of the 'smash burger'.

The new restaurant is part of the Ohana Poké & More company and will initially share premises with its older brother in the three locations it has in the city: in the centre, in El Palo and Teatinos.

The 'smash burger' is a variety of American hamburgers which is done by a kind of crushing. The special feature of the burger is that a weight is placed on top to compact it while it cooks on the griddle.

The company explains that Ponte Salvaje will offer a gastronomic experience to its customers. On their menu, they have three types of 'smash burgers', all made with Galician beef and high-quality products.

For those who can’t make it to the restaurant, Ponte Salvaje has reached an agreement with the company Glovo, which will deliver to customers at home.

Jesús López Gragera, head of Glovo in Andalucía; "We are sure that Ponte Salvaje will become one of Malaga's favourite restaurants and a benchmark for 'smash burgers'."

Ohana Poké opened its first location on May 4, 2017, on avenida Salvador Allende in El Palo. Just a year later, it opened a second store in Teatinos, and in July 2018 a third opened in the Centre of Malaga. It was the first large poké company that opened in Malaga and they have continued to innovate and offer products with a difference, including now, the smash burger.

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