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Pícara (Marbella): a cuisine respectful of tradition
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Pícara (Marbella): a cuisine respectful of tradition

Incredible flavours that only make sense when you put them in your mouth

Enrique Bellver

Monday, 1 April 2024, 13:42


Pícara is much more than a pizzeria located in the main street of Marbella, it is a culinary space focused on traditional Italian cuisine. It is a modern-day, 21st century 'osteria'. Osterias in Italy are like our bars, a place where the wine is more important than the food. This concept could well be applied to most of these establishments, but Pícara is quite the opposite. It uses a modern concept to create an environment in which to enjoy delicious food, with ingredients mostly sourced from Italy, where respect for tradition and the authentic flavour of the dishes is everything.

Its owners are in love with Rome and, according to them, the main purpose is to bring Rome and its products to Marbella at prices that are really affordable to all kinds of public; it is precisely the price and the diversity of dishes of Italian cuisine that attract the most attention in Pícara.

Italy, like Spain, are countries that are known for their food, hence the importance of importing authentic products, except those that are local, such as meat, fish and vegetables. Cheese, cured meats, flour, rice... are the basic ingredients of most of its dishes, without forgetting of course, the pizzas and pinsas. Paolo Prufani, an Italian chef if ever there was one, prepares crispy and light bases with unsuspected flavours.

Here, unlike the more classic pizzas of Naples or Sicily, we will find some with sauces and a variety of flavours such as pumpkin, potato and aubergine... these take on their full meaning as soon as you take the first bite. But Pícara's cuisine does not only revolve around pizzas, there is also a wide variety of classic and newly updated salads and other dishes where fresh pasta, carpaccios matured by Paolo himself, bolognese cannelloni and confit courgettes, make up a menu full of specialities of a cuisine which is still one of the great unknowns in pizzerias and Italian restaurants located in Malaga. The dining room and the wines are the responsibility of Dani Martín.

Supplí Romano

You could say that it is a croquette despite its elongated shape, but it is one of the most popular dishes in Italian households and difficult to find in restaurants. Crunchy and very balanced in flavour.

Courgette with burrata cheese

Very delicate in flavour, the courgette confit in oil and peppers is accompanied by a burrata cheese. If the courgette is mellow on the palate, the burrata that accompanies it is highlighted by a slight acidic touch and a mild sweet finish.

Pinsa Parmigiana

The difference between a pizza and a pinsa is in the base. It is lighter and crispier. This pinsa stands out for the good combination of fresh basil, pecorino cheese and aubergines.

Pizza Dolce

For the biggest pizza fans, there is nothing better than one more for dessert. With the same dough as the Neapolitan pizza, matured for 72 hours, an almost room temperature pizza with real Nutella, banana, mascarpone and toasted hazelnuts.

Pícara Marbella

  • Address Avda Ricardo Soriano, 56. Telephone: 952 774 749 Web:

  • Prices Suplí romano: 7,50€ Pinsa parmigiana: 10,50€ Pizza dolce: 8€

  • Evaluation Food: 8 Restaurant: 7 Wine list: 6.5 Quality: 7.5 / 10

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