Marbella chef Javier Ruiz, wins two awards at Madrid Fusión

Marbella chef Javier Ruiz, wins two awards at Madrid Fusión

He won awards for the best fish dish and the best sandwich

Esperanza Peláez

Friday, 3 February 2023, 10:46

Malaga-born Javier Ruiz, executive chef at El Parque de la Milla in Marbella, won two competitions at the Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España last week.

On Monday, he took the best fish dish in the Cocinando el Mar competition and then on Wednesday, he followed through with an innovative sandwich made with slices of marinated partridge, in the Bocadillos de Autor championship.

This latter contest is one of the classics at Madrid Fusión which, this year, is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

His winning fish dish consisted of chunks of a Mediterranean species of fish, speared with one of its own spines to a small piece of toasted bread which had been soaked with gazpachuelo and seasoned with smoked sardines.

The winning sandwich, which is now available from the Marbella restaurant, contained slices of marinated and cured partridge and partridge pate with an emulsion of vegetables and wafer thin slices of radish to give a fresh crisp note. This sumptuous combination was presented between slices of pan de cerveza (beer bread).



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