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Cuevas del Becerro honey, the best multifloral in Andalucía

Cuevas del Becerro honey, the best multifloral in Andalucía

Joaquín Becerra and Paola Escudero have once again won recognition for the town, which is famous for its beekeeping



Friday, 2 December 2022, 11:44


The best multi-flower honey in Andalucía is made by Joaquín Becerra and Paola Escudero and their bees in Cuevas del Becerro.

For the third consecutive competition, this product has been recognised at Expomiel, an event promoted by the Diputación de Córdoba, which is a showcase for beekeeping in the region.

Once again, Cuevas del Becerro, a town that is famed for this type of activity in the region as it has almost half of the hives in the area, excelled.

Becerra and Escudero have brought back the award they won in 2019 and 2021 (in 2020, due to the Covid-19 health crisis, the event was unable to take place).

The prize is the same but the honey is not, said Becerra, as it varies depending on the weather and, therefore, the flowers.

"It is always different, and this year even more so. We had a brutal drought, it rained a lot in the spring and there were hardly any flowers...

Spicy thyme

There is no broom nectar in the honey, but nevertheless, the summer flowers were very good and there was plenty of thyme.

Because of the thyme, the honey has an aromatic touch, thyme makes it a little spicy and gives it a different flavour," Becerra explained, while saying that at the moment, for various reasons, the number of their hives has been reduced to 80 in the area around Cuevas, and that this year's production has been around a thousand kilos, a small quantity of which there is practically none left.

Quality honey

Becerra promoted the rest of the honeys that come from of this area, emphasising their high quality.

"In the village there is a lot of quality honey," he said, while also drawing attention to the difficult situation that beekeepers are experiencing. They too are affected by rising prices and the current inflation which increases production costs and, therefore, reduces the profit margin.

He also wanted to point out that competition in the market from foreign countries, such as China, is a great challenge, and underlined the value of this national product: "Spanish honey is high quality," he said.

Finally, the beekeeper referred once again to the Expomiel award. "We are very happy and really didn't expect to win the award again," he added.

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