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British pizza chain opens in Malaga city

British pizza chain opens in Malaga city

Franco Manca offers pizzas made with slowly fermented sourdough, using organic and seasonal ingredients

Juan Soto


Friday, 14 April 2023, 11:15


Franco Manca, one of the largest pizza restaurant groups in the UK with 71 outlets, is opening in the Vialia shopping centre in Malaga city, the first of a planned chain of establishments in Spain.

The company offers pizzas made with slow-risen sourdough, fermented for 48 hours and using only organic and seasonal ingredients. The price of the pizzas will range from 8 to 12 euros. Unlike other similar establishments however, the restaurant will not offer pasta on the menu.

In a statement the company said that Malaga wasn't chosen by chance but because the city "is a tourist location par excellence and one of the best places to set up a restaurant business".

The company is still in the process of recruiting staff and is looking for both waiters and chefs. Eighteen staff in total will be taken on at this new restaurant to be opened in the centre next to the train station.

"We need people with a lot of enthusiasm, committed, with knowledge of English (if possible) and experience as a pizzaiolo. The project promises to grow and grow," the company said.

Once established in the city, the business plans to start branching out throughout Spain. Their aim is to open twelve restaurants in three years and after Malaga, the second will open in the Jaén Plaza shopping centre on 25 May. They are already looking at new locations in Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Valencia and Santiago de Compostela.

Franco Manca was born in 2008, although its origins date back further, to 1983, when a pizzeria named Franco's opened in Brixton.

Italian Giuseppe Mascoli (a friend of the original owner Franco) and his friend and artisan baker Bridget Hugo, took over the business and named it Franco Manca, which in Italian means Franco is missing, in honour of its creator.

The franchises in Spain will be operated by Irish entrepreneur Kevin Crilly, who moved to Estepona a couple of years ago and fell in love with the charms of the province.

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