A Good Time to Change School

A Good Time to Change School

Wednesday, 1 February 2023, 17:32


All our students changed school to study with us. Phoenix College Málaga specialises in A-levels, the 2-year courses that correspond to the last two years of the British education system, studied by students aged 16-18 (usually), and which allow entry to universities not only in Spain and in the UK, but all over the world.

Reasons for changing are varied and multiple in each case. Many have outgrown a school environment, and / or feel that they will develop further in one that is smaller, gives more freedom, and greater responsibility over their studies. The jump from school to university can be a challenging one – it’s a big change from school where every move is supervised, to university where you are left very much to yourself – and Phoenix represents a bridge between the two, helping students to develop skills that they will need to make the very best of their university careers. Small classes (max. 12) help enormously in this process: not only do our teachers really get to know their students, but they are able to give them far more individual attention. A common reason for changing is looking for the best teaching in their strongest subjects. Our A-level teachers are native English speakers and wholly dedicated to their vocation. Another is that outside lessons, students may leave the College – and sited in the Plaza de Uncibay in the centre of Málaga, we are easy to reach.

Would a new challenge benefit your child? Students come to us from many different education systems, including French, Polish, Russian, Iranian, Latvian, Spanish - studying the equivalent of 1º y 2º de Bachillerato in English is more than possible after studying 4º de ESO, and the benefits of an advanced level of English are enormous. Our teachers are highly experienced, and skilled in grasping the different backgrounds of our new students and making sure that every class is accessible to everyone in it, especially at the beginning of the courses.

The best time to take the decision to change varies, depending upon your child and your circumstances. We recommend reserving places with us before the end of February (to start in September). This involves meeting us in the weeks or months leading up to Semana Blanca, in person or online, to discuss your child’s plans and options, and how to Matriculate. Some students choose to have a ‘Taster Day’, where they can attend lessons and chat to current students - really experience what it is to be a student here. We are responsible: not only do we assess the level of a prospective student’s English well in advance to see if we need to suggest strengthening strategies before starting, but we also help students to understand which subjects might suit them, and whether they have a realistic chance of passing.

Up to 25th February 2023, our Matriculation Fee is at 60% for students enrolling for this September. To arrange a meeting, please contact us: Tel. 952 22 02 75 Email: Web:

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