King Juan Carlos and authorities at the opening. SUR
9 December 1992: Andalucía Technology Park is officially opened

9 December 1992: Andalucía Technology Park is officially opened

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Hughes Microlectronics was the first company to move in to the new facility, even before it had officially been opened by the royals

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On 9 December 1992 King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía were in Malaga to open the Andalucía Technology Park (PTA) in Campanillas, close to the city.

Construction on the site, these days know as Málaga TechPark, started in 1989 and at its inauguration it covered 180 hectares, making it the biggest technological facility in the country at the time.

In his speech, the King made a point of mentioning the important role Malaga had played as a leader of Spanish industry in the nineteenth century. He also congratulated the regional government, Malaga city hall and others who contributed to setting up the park.

Various regional and local dignitaries, including Pedro Aparicio, the then mayor of Malaga, were present at the inauguration ceremony.

Manuel Chaves, then president of the Junta de Andalucía, emphasised the great importance of the occasion, noting that "the starting up of this technology park constitutes a boost to progress in Andalucía".

The Malaga TechPark in a recent image.
The Malaga TechPark in a recent image. SUR

After the speeches and the unveiling of a commemorative plaque, the King and Queen visited a number of installations and also officially opened the Hughes factory, where they were received by the president of the company, Jeff Grant.

Hughes Microelectronics was the first company to move into the technology park, before the facility was completed. On the day the PTA opened, there were already eight companies with 130 employees.

Malaga city hall introduced a free bus service as well as a bike lane so that the city's residents could access the park easily.

Another way of viewing the park when it opened was by hot air balloon, which gave visitors a different perspective on this new facility.

Malaga's municipal band provided the entertainment during the opening day.

In 2020, the PTA was given a new name and the brand Málaga TechPark was born, with the aim of improving the park's international reach as well as its links with the city. As it celebrates its thirtieth birthday, it is busier than ever.

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