Wartime drama starring Colin Firth set to film on Costa next March

Colin Firth.
Colin Firth. / EFE
  • Operation Mincemeat is based on the elaborate plot to fool the Nazis about the Allied invasion of southern Europe with a fake Royal Marine body

John Madden, the director of Oscar-winning Shakespeare in Love, is to film in Malaga and surrounding area in March in his latest project, and Colin Firth is set to take one of the lead roles.

Exact details of the filming aren't known, but the title of the World War II drama is Operation Mincement. The script centres on the true story of a plot to fool Nazis into believing that the Allied invasion of southern Europe in 1943 wouldn't come via Sicily but from Greece instead.

As part of an elaborate double bluff, British intelligence faked the death of an officer in the Royal Marines using the real body of a tramp. The officer was found by a fisherman on the coast of Spain near Huelva carrying misleading information about Allied plans, which the Spanish government passed to the Germans. A 1956 film, The Man Who Never Was, was also based on this wartime story.

The dates set for filming in the Malaga area are 4 -8 March. Not all locations have been revealed, but it is known that Malaga city hall will be used for at least one scene.

A Malaga casting company is searching for extras. ModExpoR is looking above all for men over 20 with a classic look and short hair, and clean shaven, who would be able to play German or Allied soldiers. Those interested in taking part can initially apply online at the casting company's website.

In addition to Colin Firth, Scottish actress, Kelly MacDonald will play a leading role.