From Malaga to Beijing in the fight against obesity

Setting off from the Ciudad de Málaga athletics stadium.
Setting off from the Ciudad de Málaga athletics stadium. / Ñito Salas
  • Students, elderly people and mobility associations all joined in to collectively walk the 13,292 kilometres between the two cities on Tuesday

Malaga. The distance which separates Malaga and Beijing, 13,292 kilometres, was surpassed collectively on Tuesday by the around 3,500 people who walked five kilometres each in a bid to raise awareness for the growing obesity crisis, especially among young people.

This initiative formed part of the Walk for a Challenge project which took place across various countries. The overall objective was for all participants to cover the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

People of all ages met up on Tuesday morning at the Ciudad de Málaga athletics stadium ahead of the start pistol fired by the city's Culture and Sport councillor Noelia Losada.

Around 2,500 children from 16 Malaga schools (accompanied by teachers and support staff), 700 people from 13 old people's homes and 150 members of various mobility associations all took part to do their bit against obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

After setting off from the athletics track, participants headed towards the Antonio Banderas Paseo Marítimo, followed by the roundabout in front of the Diputación provincial government headquarters before heading back to the stadium.

"We want an active Malaga which is involved in the fight against obesity and in which more and more people are made aware of the benefits of physical exercise on your health," said Losada.