Chelcee Grimes, during filming of I Need a Night Out.
Chelcee Grimes, during filming of I Need a Night Out. / SUR

A night out in alternative Malaga

  • Liverpool-born singer, songwriter and footballer, Chelcee Grimes, who has written songs for Dua Lipa and Kesha, shot the video for her latest musical venture in Malaga

The name Chelcee Grimes may not ring any bells at first, but this singer, songwriter and football player's popularity is growing fast. Known for writing songs for artists such as Kylie Minogue, Dua Lipa and Kesha, and playing football for Fulham Ladies, Chelcee has been signed up by Sony Music and hopes to make her own leap to fame with two recently-released singles: Just Like That and I Need a Night Out.

The latter has a Malaga label on it. The city's distinctive bars, alleys and beaches make up the scene of her music video, made in collaboration with local producer Borneo Films.

The producers of the video, Partizan, wanted to capture a romantic idea of the Malaga of the eighties. This concept focused on capturing the imperfect details of the city that make it so charming.

In preparing for the shoot, Borneo Films, brought in to collaborate on the project, decided to explore the city centre in search of the perfect locations to give off the carefree vibe they were looking for. After extensive research, they found some bars "unknown even to locals", explained Álex Esteve, the director of the video.

The now-closed Onda Pasadena, Óliver 23, Yosu 23 and the Chupito Loco were chosen for scenes, as well as the beaches of Pedregalejo, its adjoining streets, and the terrace of Sallés Hotel Malaga Centro.

The international producer, Partizan, had a basic idea as the basis for the video: a night out with all the usual silliness associated with a certain drunkenness, all in good company.

"We received reference images, like the typical American motel, and that does not exist here," said the director of Borneo. Therefore, the team created a video that had a different feel to it, vastly different from other productions using more mainstream imagery.

While the essence of the original idea was preserved throughout the production, the team sometimes had to adapt their ideas to suit the scenery. They captured images of the surroundings and worked with the ones they liked the best.

"The producers wanted to find bars that were close to the beach and clearly this is hard to find in England. Malaga is the ideal location for this: we have a good airport connection and filming budgets are also much cheaper over here," said Esteve.

Shooting took place over two intense days on 12 and 13 July. They had to change location constantly to get all the right shots, which was time consuming and also rather tiring for both the crew and the star, Chelcee. However, Esteve was pleased with the end result: "Everything was filmed in Malaga, and we certainly found some very surreal bars."

As for the necessary permits to get everything ready before shooting, Esteve said that they had no trouble whatsoever. Some bars did not even want to charge the film company for shooting on their premises. "In general, all the bars were great with us. We explained to them the story and they went along with it," he said.

The result was an authentic Malaga night out with which Chelcee Grimes hopes she can fulfil her dream of becoming a successful artist in her own right.