A product which is helping men with urinarary incontinence

Estefanía García and David Muñoz now run Vitalnovax.
Estefanía García and David Muñoz now run Vitalnovax. / A. PELÁEZ
  • It was invented and patented by a teacher with prostate cancer who was looking for something to improve his quality of life

Pedro García Berruezo was a 50-year-old language teacher in Torre del Mar. In 2005 he started to suffer from urinary incontinence after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer, and began to feel desperate because none of the products on the market helped him, says his daughter, Estefanía.

“He was a very ingenious person, so he started to think about some sort of device which would improve his quality of life. He built a prototype and when he had perfected it and found that it completely changed his life, he showed it to his urologist, who advised him to patent it so that other people could also benefit from it,” says Estefanía.

It took a few years, but in 2012 the device, which is called Uriclak, was finally registered and patented. Pedro and his family then began to manufacture it through the Spanish company Reiner Microtek, situated in Gipuzkoa, with authorisation from the Spanish Medications and Health Product Agency (AEMP).

“We couldn’t find anyone in Malaga or elsewhere in Andalucía with the equipment and authorisation to manufacture it,” explains Estefanía. Uriclak is also registered with the American Food and Drug Administration authority.

“My father died three years ago. He was working up till the last day and had the satisfaction of receiving phone calls from people all over the world who said that his invention had changed their lives,” she says.

Uriclak has been so successful that Estefanía and her husband, David Muñoz, both of whom were working for the Junta de Andalucía in Malaga, have decided to dedicate themselves full-time to selling the product. “It is working very well. For a time we combined this with our other jobs, but at the end of last year we decied to concentrate on Vitalnovax, which is the company we set up to market Uriclak as a commercial brand,” says Estefanía.

New developments

They began with 500 devices and are now selling thousands. “We sell online and by phone, through distributors of health products. Many urologists recommend it to their patients now. It doesn’t last forever, normally between three and six months, but it is so effective that men keep buying new ones,” says David.

The couple are now thinking about new projects and Estefanía’s only regret is that her father is not here to see how his invention is helping others. “He would be so proud,” she says.