Restrictions are in force and sea water is being used to water plants and parks. / sur

Gibraltar's water situation improves although the supply continues to be cut at night

People living in some areas of the Rock still have no water in their homes but supplies are being brought in by sea and by road from Spain and showering facilities are available at sports centres


The water situation in Gibraltar is gradually improving after the infrastructure was damaged by a rockfall during a fire in a tunnel last week, but water to households will continue to be disconnected between 11pm and 7am every day for the time being to preserve supplies and restore pressure.

The deputy chief minister, Dr Joseph Garcia, chaired a detailed briefing on the latest situation this Monday morning, 1 August. Chief minister Fabian Picardo, who is currently on holiday in the USA, is also being kept fully informed.

AquaGib, with the assistance of the MOD’s water section, has now successfully created an interconnection between both the AquaGib and MOD networks in the area of South Barrack Road and this has helped to alleviate some of the water pressure problems in parts of the lower South District.

All areas in the South District west of St Joseph’s School are now being supplied through this new MOD/AquaGib interconnection. This has, for example, allowed the return of water supply to Alameda Estate, Bayview Terraces, Schomberg and surrounding areas.

The government says it is aware that many residents in parts of the Upper Town are in a difficult situation with no access to domestic water supply and AquaGib is doing everything possible to resolve the issue as soon as practically possible. In the meantime, potable water bowsers and water bottles are being supplied to the affected areas.

A number of operations are continuing to assist the build-up of reserve levels at the AquaGib reservoirs. As of midday today (Monday) 250,000 litres of potable water have been supplied to Hesse’s pumping station by tankers from Spain and this will continue throughout the day.