Fuel began to be pumped out of the OS 35 on Thursday afternoon. sur

Gibraltar's stricken ship situation remains stable as fuel continues to be safely removed from the tanks

Continuous monitoring has been in place all night including drone and land-based thermal imaging

Debbie Bartlett


Friday, 2 September 2022, 09:01


The Gibraltar government, which is continually monitoring the bulk carrier OS 35 which is beached off 700 metres off Catalan Bay, has issued an early morning update, this Friday 2 September.

Diesel fuel has been pumped out of the ship all night and at 07.00 hours 197 cubic metres had been successfully removed and collected. This is about 80 per cent of the vessel's diesel load.

Yesterday evening another boom, supplied by the Ministry of Defence, was placed off Catalan Bay to further protect the coast from yesterday's spill of heavy fuel oil.

Operations at Gibraltar Port are still suspended to enable all resources to be deployed to deal with this incident, which occurred after the ship collided with another as it was manoeuvering to leave the Bay on Monday night.

There will be further updates during the morning and the Gibraltar Contingency Council is due to meet at 12.30h.

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