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New natural history museum planned for Gibraltar's Parson's Lodge site

New natural history museum planned for Gibraltar's Parson's Lodge site

The Gibraltar National Museum has no room to expand further at its Bomb House Lane premises so a new facility will be created

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Friday, 26 May 2023, 12:15


The ongoing expansion of galleries and storage areas in the Gibraltar National Museum, at its Bomb House Lane premises, has reached saturation. Faced with this problem, the Gibraltar government has been in discussion with the managers of the Gibraltar National Museum, seeking ways of creatively continuing the growth of the museum and heritage services which the latter provides.

For over a decade, the Gibraltar National Museum has been actively researching the natural history value of the site known as Parson's Lodge. The area is part of the Gibraltar National Park and holds a rich plant and animal community; its strategic position makes it a staging post for migratory birds moving between Africa and Europe; and its proximity to the coastline gives it added value in terms of marine and intertidal biology.

It was logical Parson's Lodge could provide the solution to the problem and will now become the dedicated site to the rich natural history of The Rock in the form of the Gibraltar National Museum (Natural History). The premises at Bomb House Lane will be dedicated to history and cultural heritage and all aspects of natural history will be transferred to Parson's Lodge. This will, in turn, release much-needed space at Bomb House Lane.

The development of the Parson's Lodge site will be phased over a number of years and, in its first phase of development, will open to the public in the autumn.

There will also be interpretation panels and open-air and enclosed exhibits telling the story of the rich natural history. A strong educational element will be present at the site as well as opportunities to turn this into an interactive museum, with open air lectures and workshops.

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