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Gibraltar National Museum to look at natural history at Christmas seminar

Gibraltar National Museum to look at natural history at Christmas seminar

This year's event will feature a broad range of subjects delivered by local speakers

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Friday, 1 December 2023, 17:16


This year's Gibraltar National Museum Christmas Seminar will be held on Saturday 9 December at the University of Gibraltar.

The seminar will be dedicated to Gibraltar's Natural History and will feature a broad range of subjects which will be delivered by local speakers.

This year, research students at the university have also been invited to present projects based on their PhD work. The event commences at 10am and is scheduled to continue throughout the day, concluding at approximately 6pm.

Geraldine Finlayson will be first on stage to give a talk on Building a Modern National History Museum at 10am. She is followed at 11am by Alex Menez talking about The World of Molluscs.

Leslie Linares talks about Flora Past and Flora Future at 12pm and Tyson Holmes will talk about Life On The Edge, Researching Avian Aerial Insectivores in Gibraltar at 12.30pm.

There is then a break for lunch before Bethany Gadd takes to the podium to speak about Swingwatch, An Insight into the Barbary Macaque Behaviour and Interactions.

At 2.30pm, Darren Fa's talk is titled Body Size Revisited: Ecological and Evolutionary Considerations.

Stewart Finlayson will give a talk on Gibraltar and the Sixth Extinction at 3.30pm and the last lecture of the day will be by Clive Finlayson with a talk on Macaronesia: Travels in Space and Time.

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