Gibraltar to commemorate Operation Torch with a special exhibition

Gibraltar to commemorate Operation Torch with a special exhibition

The commemorative exhibition organised by the Gibraltar National Archives, will be in the Orange Bastion Vaults



Friday, 28 October 2022, 10:32


On 8 November, which is the 80th anniversary of the launch of Operation Torch during WW2, a commemorative exhibition will be officially inaugurated by deputy chief minister Dr Joseph García at the Orange Bastion vaults next to the American war memorial in Line Wall Road. The exhibition, which has been organised by the Gibraltar National Archives, marks the operation to retake North Africa from the Nazis, which was planned and spearheaded from Gibraltar in November 1942.

The Gibraltar government also marked this important milestone in the Second World War in 2004 by minting a commemorative coin depicting Lieutenant General Eisenhower, who commanded Operation Torch, Lieutenant-General Kenneth Anderson, who was responsible for Eastern Task Force, and Major General ​Patton, who was in charge of the Western Task Force. The coin was designed as a tribute to the incredible leadership qualities of the three military commanders, the government said.

General Eisenhower, who later became U.S. President, was the first non-British person to command Gibraltar in well over two hundred years during Operation Torch.

This Allied counter-offensive was meticulously planned in detail in tunnels deep inside the actual Rock itself, where Eisenhower set up his headquarters.

The exhibition will be open to the public from 9 to 23 November and entry is free of charge.

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