Gibraltar has now banned Russia from its airspace and port / sur

Gibraltar bans Russian vessels from its port in response to invasion of Ukraine

The Rock's government says it would not be acceptable, proper or appropriate to allow Russian ships to have access to its port


Following its decision not to allow Russian planes to use its airspace, the Gibraltar government has today announced that it is banning all Russian vessels from using its port.

A press statement from the government this afternoon said that: "in accordance with sanctions and other actions being taken by the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the European Union following Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar does not consider it acceptable, proper or appropriate for Russian vessels to have access to the Port, and as a matter of policy has therefore determined that Gibraltar Port must be closed to all Russian vessels unless specifically authorised".

This ban applies to any ship which is owned, controlled, charted or operated by any person connected with Russia or by Designated Persons; flying the Russian flag; registered in Russia; or carrying any load or cargo which is in the ownership of or destined to be delivered to any persons connected with Russia or Designated Persons.