The Guardia Civil patrol boat on Wednesday night. RC
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Video: Gibraltar authorities investigate after Spanish police boat smashes into airport runway approach lights during alleged pursuit

Royal Gibraltar Police officers are investigating the incident at sea off the western end of the airport runway last night, after some callers who alerted the 999 emergency service operators reported hearing gunshots

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Thursday, 11 April 2024, 10:30


Royal Gibraltar Police officers are investigating an incident following an alleged sea pursuit of several rigid hull inflatable boats by Spain's Guardia Civil that came to an end off the coast of the Rock on Wednesday night, when the Spanish vessel apparently struck airport runway approach light fixture and reportedly began to sink.

At 10.18pm several people phoned the Rock's 999 emergency line reporting that the Spanish Guardia Civil vessel had struck the light fixtures in the sea off the western end of the airport runway, and the boat was sinking, the Royal Gibraltar Police said in a statement.

The reports suggested the collision happened just moments after the Spanish police vessel allegedly pursued a number of rigid hull inflatable boats in the area, which fled the scene. Reports also suggested that prior to the collision, sounds resembling gun shots had also been heard.

Land-based police, as well as a number of Gibraltar maritime officers went to the scene, but the inflatable vessels involved in the incident had already left the area heading towards Spain.

Gibraltar's Captain of the Port and Commissioner of Police contacted their respective Spanish counterparts in relation to the incident.

No injuries have been reported.

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