Chief minister, Fabian Picardo. SUR
Chief Minister's anger at Algeciras mayor

Chief Minister's anger at Algeciras mayor

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Friday, 25 August 2023, 16:59


The chief minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, has hit out at the mayor of Algeciras over comments he made about the Spanish fishing vessel being stopped. Jose Ignacio Landaluce had said Gibraltar was looking for any excuse to "take over the waters".

Picardo said, "I am not surprised to hear the utter nonsense coming from the mayor of Algeciras, Snr Landaluce, in respect of Gibraltar, British Gibraltar Territorial Waters..."

He continued, "If Snr Landaluce genuinely believes that the waters surrounding Gibraltar are anything other than entirely British he is either unable to understand the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea or simply refuses to respect it."

Picardo also criticised the mayor's comments on Gibraltar's wastewater treatment.

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