CCTV picks up a drug deal going down in Gibraltar

CCTV picks up a drug deal going down in Gibraltar

Officers monitoring surveillancecameras witnessed the apparent exchange

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Friday, 11 August 2023, 18:57


Just before midnight last Saturday evening, 5 August, officers in the Royal Gibraltar Police’s control room were monitoring their CCTV cameras when their attention was drawn to a suspected drug deal in Cornwall’s Parade.

Officers observed a man handing something to a woman, before both persons parted company and left the area.

Response team officers were dispatched to the location where they immediately found the woman, a 24-year-old Eastern European, who was searched and found to have cocaine in her bag. She was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a class A drug.

Minutes later and still in the same area, officers spotted an 18-year-old local man who matched the description given to them by the control room.

He was stopped and, when searched, was found to be carrying a cannabis joint and a small amount of cannabis resin. He was duly arrested on suspicion of possession of a class B drug, possession with intent to supply a class A drug and supplying a controlled class A drug.

Both persons were then taken to New Mole House police station. An investigation continues.


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