Wintry weather hits south of Spain with five provinces of Andalucía under alert for rain, snow, wind or rough sea conditions

Wintry weather hits south of Spain with five provinces of Andalucía under alert for rain, snow, wind or rough sea conditions

Up to 80mm of rain could fall in some parts of the region this Saturday, according to state weather agency Aemet

Saturday, 9 March 2024, 12:04


Spain's state Met Office (Aemet) has warned of a weekend of unsettled and "wintry weather". As a backdrop, rain, snow, wind or rough sea conditions will keep five Andalusian provinces under weather alerts from this Saturday morning due to the presence of a powerful storm that "will give rise to an episode of adverse weather". Since 10am the map of Andalucia has been coloured yellow and amber for various alerts, which will be deactivated depending on the area throughout the day, from 2pm onwards.

At the moment there are warnings in force for strong westerly winds of between 70 and 80 kilometres per hour in Almeria, Cadiz and Malaga provinces. A yellow warning has also been activated for sea swell on the coast of Almeria, Cadiz and Granada. Aemet also forecasts a south-westerly wind of 50 to 61 km/h (force 7) on the coast of Cadiz and temporarily combined with a south-westerly swell of 4 metres offshore.

In Granada and Almería, a south-westerly wind of 50 to 65 km/h (force 7, occasionally 8) and 3-metre waves are expected until 20.00 hours.

In addition, there is a yellow alert for rain in the provinces Malaga, Cadiz and amber in Granada. In the latter province Aemet forecasts accumulated rainfall in 12 hours of 80mm in the Alpujarra until 3pm. In Malaga, Aemet forecasts 60mm in 12 hours, which could reach 80mm in some places, according to Aemet.

As for possible snowfall, the state agency points out that the greatest accumulations will occur in the southern foothills of Sierra Nevada, where another yellow warning has been activated until 8pm for a snow accumulation of 5cm in 24 hours. The aforementioned depth is expected at altitudes above 1,400 metres. More than 20 centimetres of snow may accumulate in La Ragua mountain pass . The area of Cazorla and Segura, in Jaén province, above 1,200 metres, also has an active snow warning until 10pm.

For this Saturday, Aemet forecasts overcast skies in the Andlaucía region with widespread rainfall, which may be locally heavy and persistent on the Mediterranean slope and less likely in the Betic mountain ranges. "Snow cover dropping from 1,800-2,000 metres to 1,200-1,400 metres in the afternoon and minimum temperatures rising. Moderate to strong winds from the southwest, with very strong gusts on the coast and in high areas," the state Met Office details in its forecast.

Two weather warnings for Sunday

The effects of the storm will continue to be felt in Spain on Sunday, although Aemet forecasts that it will gradually weaken. Snow will continue to fall in the mountains, especially in the central and northern areas, with snow levels rising from 900 metres at the start of the day in the northern half and central area to 1,000 to 1,400 metres, as in the southern half, where temperatures will rise in the central hours of the day. On the shores of the Mediterranean, the maximum temperature will likely exceed 18 or 20C.

In Andalucía, cloudy skies are expected with generalised light rainfall, which will be more intense and accompanied by occasional thunderstorms on the Atlantic coast. There will be two provinces with a yellow warning for wind and coastal phenomena: Almeria (where the warning will be in force all day Sunday) and Granada, where it will start at 6am. "In the afternoon, clearings will open up from west to east, with low clouds persisting in the sierras, while the snow level will be around 1,600 metres. Minimum temperatures with little change, maximum temperatures rising and strong winds with very strong gusts on the coast and in high areas of the eastern third," forecasts Aemet.

Weather forecast for next week

For the early part of next week, the trend is for "the weather to stabilise", according to Aemet, "with less cloud and also less rain". However, on Wednesday new Atlantic storms will arrive in Spain, which will leave heavier rains in the west and central areas, although again these downpours will be less likely in the Mediterranean area.

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