The dog shelter under water during heavy rain earlier this year. SUR.
Urgent appeal to raise funds to build new dog shelter

Urgent appeal to raise funds to build new dog shelter

The Canya SOS Foundation in Campo de Gibraltar needs to move to new premises due to constant flooding during inclement weather

Friday, 17 May 2024, 11:47

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The Canya SOS Foundation canine charity in Campo de Gibraltar has launched an urgent appeal to raise 10,000 euros to build a new shelter, after the old premises has suffered from constant flooding during inclement weather. Spokesperson Sharon Peterson said that the shelter (Los Barrios dog kennel), which currently houses around 300 dogs, is completely submerged in water around twice a year during flash floods caused by heavy rain, and it is now necessary to move to a new location to prevent this in the future.

The charity received a surprise boost with its appeal after an anonymous donor pledged 10,000 euros towards to the new facilitates, with a promise of a further 10,000 euros if the organisation can match the donation with its appeal. So far, the charity's supporters and local animal lovers have raised just over 2,500 euros, and they need to raise the remainder by the end of June. Many of the local shops have got behind the appeal by becoming drop off points for donations. Donations can also be made on the charity's website (

Work has already begun on the new premises, but for now, the dogs and their carers are making the best of the old shelter, which has become a health hazard for the animals.

"The kennels really need this money in order to construct the new facility, but we only have until the end of next month to reach our goal. We have had a generous offer from a kind dog lover, but we still have a long way to go. We know this is a lot to ask, but we could not achieve this without the support of the public," Peterson told SUR in English.

The Los Barrios shelter is located in the Campo de Gibraltar, which consists of seven municipalities. The kennel is owned by a private company that has an agreement with the seven town halls to collect all stray dogs throughout this area. The dogs are then given any necessary treatment and cared for until new homes can be found.

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