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Summer isn't over yet in Andalucía, weather experts are warning

Summer isn't over yet in Andalucía, weather experts are warning

The maximum and minimum temperatures will be around five degrees higher this week, although in Malaga they will start to fall again on Friday



Monday, 5 September 2022, 18:47


Most of Andalucía can expect a rise in minimum and maximum temperatures this week, with the exception of Malaga where they will not be as high from Friday onwards.

Juan de Dios del Pino, the Aemet weather agency’s delegate in the region, said on Monday that skies will be mainly clear all week, although next Sunday and probably Monday there could be a little rain in Huelva, Cordoba and Seville provinces.

How hot is it going to be? Del Pino says that in Seville, where it was 32.5C on Monday, it could be as high as 37.5C on Saturday, and that the nights will also feel warmer than they have recently.

“The night-time temperatures will go up a little higher than the average, but still within the bounds of normality,” he said.

In Malaga, however, the situation will be slightly different. From Friday the maximum temperatures will start to lower, although the minimum, as elsewhere in Andalucía will rise. Aemet says that the temperature in Malaga will be 36C on Tuesday, but will be down to 32C on Friday.

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