The comapny's security camera captured the thieves (inset: one of the golden vibrators) R. C.
Seven gold vibrators stolen in raid on Spain's largest sex toy distributor

Seven gold vibrators stolen in raid on Spain's largest sex toy distributor

Each item is worth between 16,000 and 17,000 euros and was destined for the luxury market in Marbella and Paris

Juan Cano / Melchor Sáiz-Pardo


Friday, 3 February 2023, 15:22

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Thieves stole seven 24-carat gold-plated vibrators when they broke into the headquarters of Dreamlove, Spain's largest distributor of sex toys, late on Wednesday night.

During the robbery of the warehouse in a logistics park in Carmona (Seville) a total of 80,000 euros worth of sex toys were taken, according to the firm's own calculations.

According to sources involved in the investigation, the thieves also took 25,000 euros from a safe. The seven gold vibrators, which had not been left in the warehouse with the rest of the merchandise because of their high value, were also inside the safe, which the thieves smashed using axes.

Security cameras caught the thieves at 11.41pm and footage shows three hooded men arriving at the main door, smashing it open and searching the entire 5,000-squar- metre building until they found the administration office where they searched for the safe. In total, the assailants spent no more than half an hour inside the Dreamlove headquarters while three other people kept watch from a car.

Sources involved in the investigation believe the thieves probably did not know that in addition to the money, they were going to find the valuable golden vibrators and that they belong to an organised group, since the attack was "very professional".

They explained how the group closed off the street with fences to avoid being disturbed or discovered and turned off the street lighting. Based on this modus operandi, investigators think that this is the same group that has robbed other companies in the same business park on two previous occasions.

No black market

The owner and CEO of the company, Mario Romero Molina, explained to SUR on Thursday that Dreamlove is the only company in Europe which had a "significant stock" of the gold vibrators, as their high price makes them a "risky investment". Despite this Dreamlove had chosen to stock these items for a particular luxury market that they say exists in Marbella and Paris.

Romero Molina believes that it will be very difficult to dispose of the stolen vibrators because they are so rare and easily identifiable and adds that there is no black market for these items. The most likely scenario, according to sources involved the case, is that the gold will be extracted from the vibrators and sold separately.

Dreamlove, which employs 74 people, has been operating since 1 August 2022 in the Carmona logistics park. The company has invested 3.5 million euros in its new facilities, which have robots on their distribution lines. With an annual turnover of 18 million euros, it is one of the leading companies in Europe selling sex toys, lingerie and edible items.

It has seen a year-on-year growth of 40 per cent and as well as selling in Spain and much of the European Union, the company also exports its products to the USA, South Africa and Hong Kong, among other places.

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