Juanma Moreno, speaking on Thursday. / J. Corchero/EP

Andalucía could face a recession in the autumn, regional president warns

The economy is one of the main challenges in this second legislature but the Junta will not be following the government's "bad example", according to Moreno

Héctor Barbotta

Andalucía is facing a difficult autumn, with the possibility of the economy going into recession and a loss of production and jobs, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, warned at a regional government session on Thursday.

He said economic difficulties and the drought are the two main challenges in this second legislature, but everything possible will be done to reverse the situation.

The Junta will not, however, be following the example of the Spanish government in Madrid: “We will do the opposite,” Moreno said, accusing prime minister Pedro Sánchez of weakening the country with his “bad economic policies”.

The president of the regional government said one of the priorities in Andalucía will be to reduce the fiscal pressure on families and maintain and increase employment with a programme of incentives worth 170 million euros for employers to give permanent contracts.

Calls for action against inflation

In the same parliamentary session, the Grupo Popular proposed measures to offset the effects of inflation and the socio-economic crisis, which received some support from other parties, and called for bureaucratic and administrative processes to be made quicker and simpler and help for businesses to access finance for innovation, digitalisation and internationalisation.

A proposal by the PSOE for a working group to be set up to agree urgent action against inflation was rejected.