After several days of heavy rain, the outlook for the weekend is better. / salvador salas

End of the heavy rain from Storm Efraín is in sight

Spain's Aemet weather agency says the storm system is moving away from the country and drier weather can be expected over the weekend, apart from in some parts of Andalucía on Saturday


The rain in Spain may seem never-ending at present but weather experts have said that Storm Efraín will start to move away tomorrow, Friday 16 December, so it will become more showery or will stop altogether in much of the country. The exception is Andalucía, where rain could be heavy and persistent in some areas and could continue into Saturday.

Rubén del Campo, the spokesperson for the Aemet weather agency, said the weekend will be dry but cloudy nearly everywhere, although by the end of Sunday there will be a new front over Galicia, bringing more rain to that region on Monday and Tuesday and then extending into Asturias and western Castilla y León.

With regard to temperatures, they are becoming steadily cooler and on Saturday there could be night-time frost in mountain areas. However, in general they will be back to normal for the time of year after several unseasonably warm days this week.

For the Canary Islands, Aemet is forecasting cloudy intervals and light rain over the weekend, and temperatures will be noticeably cooler.