The arrest was part of the police Operation Leónidas sur

Police detain weapons trafficker who supplied guns to gangs on the Costa del Sol

He was arrested in Slovakia where he had travelled to buy pistols and AK-47 assault weapons for a client

Álvaro Frías / Juan Cano


Wednesday, 2 March 2022


If you needed drugs or weapons, you just asked him. He is what is known in the underworld as a procurer. His latest order was for a shipment of pistols and AK-47 assault rifles for drug trafficking organisations on the Costa del Sol, but this time he wasn’t able to fulfil it. He was arrested in Slovakia by that country's police in a joint operation with the Guardia Civil.

This was part of Operation Leónidas which began last year. The Spanish national, 35, had a police record for assault and for drug use. He lived in Granada, didn’t seem to work, but was known to mix with drug dealers.

The investigation learned that he was a procurer. If a buyer wanted more drugs than he could supply on his own, he would put them in contact with gangs who had them. People also turned to him when they wanted weapons, and sources at the Guardia Civil say that is why he travelled to Slovakia: to obtain them from contacts he had made there. However, once it had been confirmed that he was in Bratislava, he was arrested as he went to pick up the guns. He was found to be carrying a large amount of cash to pay for them, and was planning to take them back to Spain in a car with a large hidden compartment.

In the past six years the authorities in Spain have carried out more than 97 operations against weapons trafficking, have arrested 448 people and confiscated over 4,871 guns, 609,802 bullets, 588 kilos of explosive substances, over 709,000 euros in cash and have found 20 clandestine workshops.

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