The vaccine dose for children is one-third that for adults. sur
Parents in Andalucía urged to have their children vaccinated against Covid before the new term begins

Parents in Andalucía urged to have their children vaccinated against Covid before the new term begins

Although the vast majority of those aged between 12 and 19 have been vaccinated, the figure is much lower in the five to 11 age group and precautionary measures in schools have been relaxed this year

Ángel Escalera


Monday, 5 September 2022, 09:44


The Andalusian health authorities have launched a campaign for more children aged five to 11 to be completely vaccinated against Covid-19 before the new school year begins this week. “The vaccine is the best method of prevention we have,” the regional Health Minister, Catalina García, said at the weekend.

This is the age group with the lowest incidence of vaccination in Andalucía. Only 50.9% of children aged five to 11 are completely vaccinated, and 60.7% have had at least one dose. This is much lower than the 12 to 19 age group, where the figures are 90.6% and 93.3% respectively.

“We’re doing everything we can to ensure that as many children as possible receive the vaccine to protect them against Covid,” said sources in the Malaga health care system, and nurses at health centres have been phoning parents to remind them how important it is that their children are protected from the virus. Schools have also been asked to reinforce the message.

A lower dose and "completely safe", say pediatricians

Pediatricians have stressed that the vaccine is completely safe, and that although Covid-19 is normally mild in children that is not always the case and some become extremely ill. “It’s an important illness; if it can be prevented, so much the better. You have to remember that the immunity provided by the vaccine is very stable, which is why everyone is encouraged to be vaccinated,” said one when asked about the issue by SUR.

The dose given to children is one-third of that administered to adults: 10 microgrammes compared with 30.

The Deputy Minister of Health in Andalucía, Miguel Ángel Guzmán, has also explained that facilities are being put in place to make it as easy as possible for parents to take their children for the vaccination, and he also pointed out that the Covid regulations in schools in the region have been relaxed now, as bubble groups are no longer necessary and masks will only have to be worn on public transport.

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