The Swedish tourists enjoyed the mild temperatures for their traditional New Year's Day swim / IDEAL

Almost one hundred bathers brave the sea for first New Year’s Day swim in three years

After a break due to the pandemic, a group of Swedish tourists have returned to their annual tradition in Almuñecar


Almost a hundred Swedish tourists took part in the traditional New Year's Day swim at the San Cristóbal beach in Almuñécar on 1 January. The event which has been held for almost 30 years has returned after a three-year break due to the pandemic, according to the town's Helios hotel where the group have been staying.

The Swedish tourists, who always choose Almuñécar as their destination for two weeks to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, enjoyed a temperature of around 20 degrees, and about 16 degrees in the sea. Dressed in Father Christmas hats or Christmas ribbons, the group waded into the Mediterranean to celebrate the New Year.

"These conditions can only be enjoyed in Sweden on some days in summer, so for us it is a great holiday, not only for the weather, but the atmosphere and Christmas activities that Almuñécar has at this time," said the head of the agency that coordinates the group.