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Unions warn of service collapse in National Police document issuing offices

Unions warn of service collapse in National Police document issuing offices

They criticise the lack of staff, with more than half of the posts unfilled, which results in delays issuing appointments, affecting Spaniards and expats alike


Wednesday, 20 July 2022, 18:34


The UGT, CCOO and CSIF trade unions have warned of the collapse of services in the National Police document issuing offices in Andalucía that affect the processing of ID cards, such as the TIE and NIEs for foreigners and DNI cards and passports fo Spanish. They have criticised the "lack of foresight and organisation" on the part of the Directorate-General of Police.

The unions blamed the Ministry of the Interior and the DGP, as these bodies have not filled almost 2,500 vacant positions for the processing work carried out by non-police personnel.

In their opinion, this shortage of staff "means that almost 50 per cent of the posts of this type of staff are currently unfilled and is causing most of the offices to be giving appointments no earlier than September".

In addition, they complained that "a large number of National Police Corps personnel are being taken away from their purely police duties and assigned to despatch work" by decision of the police management.

According to the unions, in the case of Seville, more than half of the service has collapsed, and it is not possible to make appointments in two of the issuing offices out of the province's total of eleven.

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