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Man dies by suicide 12 hours after his wife was killed in a car crash near Motril

Man dies by suicide 12 hours after his wife was killed in a car crash near Motril

The well-known couple who lived in Playa Granada had been married for 20 years and leave two daughters, 12 and 15

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Monday, 8 May 2023, 19:59


Tributes are pouring in for a well-known couple in Motril after they died within twelve hours of each other.

The family tragedy unfolded on Saturday afternoon, 6 May, when the woman, Encarni, 39, and her husband, José Manuel, 41, were travelling back to their home in Playa Granada in Motril when they were involved in a car crash.

The husband, a Guardia Civil traffic officer based in Malaga, was driving and swerved to avoid an obstacle on the road, causing the car to leave the road and fall three metres.

The woman died, despite her husband’s efforts to revive her.

José Manuel escaped unharmed and returned to Motril, where the couple lived with their two daughters, 12 and 15.

A few hours later, the man told his wife's family that he was going to go to their home to get clothes for the girls. He then went to their house in Playa Granada where he died by suicide.

The death was reported to the 112 emergency services about 8am on Sunday morning, 7 May, barely twelve hours after the death of his wife.

Well known in Motril

Motril mayor Luisa García Chamorro said the town on the Granada coastline was “deeply saddened” by the death of the couple who were well-known locally.

As the news spread tributes poured in for the death of Encarni and her husband José Manuel.

Their two daughters had to be told the grim news with the help of a specialised psychologist.

"They were locals of Motril, they lived in Playa Granada, and she had an alarm business and he, a Guardia Civil traffic officer, was stationed in Malaga," García Chamorro said.

"Encarni's mother has a well-known shop in the centre of Motril and, logically, she has conveyed her concern for her two granddaughters," the mayor added.


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