Listeria in meat products health alert issued in Andalucía
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Listeria in meat products health alert issued in Andalucía

The foods are believed to have been distributed in the provinces of Cordoba, Granada, Malaga and Seville

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Wednesday, 25 October 2023, 16:14

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The Junta de Andalucía's regional Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs has issued a food alert in the region for the presence of listeria monocytogenes in some meat products.

The products come from Industrias Cárnicas Sierra Nevada SL, located in Cájar, Granada. The 50-year-old company, was recently inspected by personnel from the health delegation in Granada, Europa Press has learned from municipal sources, who confirmed that there are no people affected in the immediate vicinity of this meat processing plant, which has its own slaughterhouse and to date has not presented any problems in complying with food safety measures.

The products concerned are: an Iberian cured meat (batch L3023, expiry date 09/06/2023) and an Iberian salchichón (batch L1223, expiry date 22/03/2024).

Also, Iberian chorizo (Lots L0723 and L0923), Iberian cured meat mini (Lot L2223), chorizo vela picante (Lot L2623) and pork cheese (Lots L2223, 2523, 2623, 2823, 2923 and 3023). For the latter products, for which there is a risk of listeria regardless of their expiry dates, the full distribution area is not yet available.

The health authority has recommended that people who have products and specific batches included in the alert at home should return them to the point of purchase. In healthy people, listeria monocytogenes infection is usually asymptomatic or presents with mild gastrointestinal symptoms, fever and muscle aches.

However, in certain risk groups, such as immunocompromised persons, the elderly, young children and pregnant women, more severe symptoms may occur. In the case of having consumed these products and specific batches affected by this alert and presenting any symptoms compatible with listeriosis, the person should attend a health centre.

No one has been reportedly affected so far in relation to the food alert issued on Tuesday.

Investigations are still ongoing at the factory and in collaboration with the Guardia Civil.

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