He opted for a "discreet" tattoo on the left wrist. / sur

Junta president has his Andalucía election win result tattooed on his body

While on the campaign trail Juanma Moreno he had been told by a tattoo artist that he would obtain an outright majority and in response he promised that if he did he would return for a permanent reminder in ink

Héctor Barbotta

Juanma Moreno, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, will never forget his most important political victory to date, but even so he now carries a constant reminder: he has had the number 58 tattooed on his left wrist, the size of his majority in the Andalusian parliament, preceded by the letter A for Andalucía.

The background to this is during the election campaign, when he happened to meet Javier Pascual, a tattoo artist, in Roquetas del Mar in Almeria. Pascual told Moreno he believed he would win with an absolute majority, to which Moreno replied that if he did he would come back and have a tattoo with the size of the majority. “Somewhere discreet, though,” he added, laughing.

And, as a man who likes to keep his word, on Monday 17 October when the Andalusian president was on a visit to the province of Jaén, he took the opportunity to visit the tattoo studio in Linares where Javier Pascual works. “I keep my promises,” he announced as he arrived.

So Juanma Moreno now has the number 58 tattooed on his wrist, with a letter A for the region of which is president. Nor did he suggest that this would be his only tattoo ever. “You have to start small,” he said.