The La Viñuela reservoir is already below 10% of its capacity, with just 16.2 cubic hectometres. E. CABEZAS

Junta announces four-billion-euro SOS plan to tackle drought in Andalucía

The regional government will invest the money between now and 2027 on works and crucial measures to guarantee supplies



Tuesday, 25 October 2022, 18:16


Juanma Moreno, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, announced on Tuesday 25 October, that the regional government has drawn up a four-billion-euro SOS plan to generate more water resources and alleviate the drought. The money will be invested between now and 2027 on works and crucial measures to guarantee supplies.

Moreno said the lack of water is currently jeopardising nearly one-quarter of the productive system in Andalucía and having a major effect on farming and tourism, two strategic sectors for the economy of the region.

The SOS plan will include adapting sewage treatment plants so recycled waste water can be used; improving and building transport and desalination facilities; minimising the risk of floods, protecting and recovering underground water supplies and re-naturalising rivers, among other projects. There will also be an awareness campaign to encourage people to monitor how they use their water.

Investment from Madrid to be reduced next year

The president of the Andalusian government also expressed his concern that the government in Madrid had reduced investment in water-related projects in this region by 12% in next year’s Budget, and said he was waiting for an explanation.

He also said the Junta is calling on the EU to be sufficiently flexible about the use of Next Generation funds so these can be used to finance crucial works.

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