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Junta de Andalucía imposes strict conditions on new houses in the countryside

New LISTA planning regulations announced by the regional government detail the minimum plot size on which detached properties may be built


New planning regulations announced by the Junta de Andalucía on Wednesday 9 February expand on the Law to Promote the Sustainability of the Territory of Andalucía (LISTA) which came into force last year.

Under the new measures any detached house being built in the countryside must be built on a plot of at least 2.5 hectares, the size of three football fields. In forested areas, where it is not expressly forbidden to build, the plot must be at least five hectares, or seven football fields.

The new regulations are designed to prevent houses being grouped together in country and forested areas. They also stipulate that the house must not be taller than seven metres and the house should not exceed one per cent of the plot in country areas and 0.5 per cent of the plot in forested areas. New owners are also encouraged to "plant trees of native species to reduce the landscape impact of these actions".

Regarding water and electricity, the regulation states that "they must be guaranteed in an autonomous and environmentally sustainable way."

Anyone hoping to build in the countryside will no longer be allowed to level sloping land or change the topography of more than 30 per cent of the plot.

The LISTA also obliges individuals who want to build a house on rural land to pay the municipality in question economic compensation equal to 15 per cent of the overall building budget.