The inauguration of the president of the Junta took place in a ceremony held in front of the main façade of the Palacio de San Telmo, Seville. / SUR

Juanma Moreno announces the start of 'a new era in Andalucía'

The Junta's president said that he will be close to the people and will put young people at the centre of his work, after he was installed for his second term during an open-air ceremony at the weekend

Héctor Barbotta

For the first time in the history of the region, the inauguration of the president of the Junta de Andalucía, on Saturday, 23 July, was held in an open-air ceremony, in front of 600 attendees from Andalucía's institutional, economic and social life on the esplanade in front of the Palacio de San Telmo, the seat of the Andalusian government.

Juanma Moreno, was inaugurated for his second term of office. A clearly happy Moreno announced that "a new period is beginning in Andalucía", in which all opportunities will be taken to place the region among the first in Spain.

Moreno said in his speech that the ornate building was "not a place of privilege, but rather a centre for tenacious work and the constant desire to strive for and with Andalucía".

Juanma Moreno explained that the purpose of holding the event on the street was to symbolise that he will always be an open and accessible president. "Covering many kilometres" and visiting villages and neighbourhoods, he said, would continue to be his way of governing.

Despite warning that difficult times lie ahead, marked by the war in Ukraine and economic difficulties, Moreno said that making Andalucía a leading region is not a fantasy.

The President announced the beginning of a new era for Andalucía, in which the goal is to achieve leadership in terms of progress and well-being in Spain and Europe.

"I have ambition for Andalucía, I want it to be a benchmark of prosperity and well-being, and I have the determination to do whatever is necessary for Andalucía to continue moving forward," the newly-elected president said.

After showing his "absolute faith" in the community, he said that a new stage is opening in which opportunities will be seized. "Where innovation and creation can take place, where talent, work and quality are needed, where tolerance, temperance and a willingness to reach agreement can be found, Andalucía will be there," he said.

Steps have already been taken in this direction, Moreno said. "Andalucía has lost its fear, has freed itself from complexes and has overcome stereotypes" that had been imposed on it, the Partido Popular leader said. This has given rise, he said, to "a new Andalusian pride, a renewed Andalusianism, far removed from clichés".

Moreno stressed that Andalucía is already showing the world a new, more modern and dynamic image, without renouncing its signs of identity, and he stressed that now that the region has reached record export figures, he hopes that it will also export its stamp "of coexistence, courage and enthusiasm for life".

"We are going all out, aware of previously difficulty, but spurred on by it because we know that Andalucía can offer great things to Spain and the world,” Moreno added.