The dual-control car had no technical certificate to verify that it had been fitted correctly. / E.P.

Police check discovers driving school teaching pupils illegally in car with no insurance

People who learned to drive with the company in Andalucía were registered for their tests in the name of another school which was operating legally


Local Police in Seville have identified an illegal driving school which was giving lessons in a car without the relevant authorisation and with no insurance. The establishment is said to have registered pupils for driving tests in the name of a different school.

At the moment it is not known how many people were taught at this school. The situation was discovered during a police campaign to check the vehicles used by driving schools, when officers stopped one which was being driven in the city by a 19-year-old female pupil.

They found the driving school lacked the necessary authorisation to run a business of this type from the premises it was using, and that it used a school which was operating within the law to register its pupils for tests because it was unable to do so itself.

Unqualified driving instructors were taking pupils out for lessons and in the case of the car driven by the 19-year-old girl which was stopped by the police, the vehicle had no insurance and the dual control system had no technical document to verify that it has been correctly installed, which is something required by law.

The company has now been reported to the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) and Ministry of Work and Social Security, as well as facing action taken by the police.