Free dental treatment for children in Andalucía: what is covered and what is excluded?

Free dental treatment for children in Andalucía: what is covered and what is excluded?

The Andalusian Health Service (SAS) offers some services free of charge in addition to annual check-ups from the ages of six to 15

Rossel Aparicio


Tuesday, 6 September 2022, 18:51

Dental check-ups are vitally important for children, but although these are free once a year in Andalucía, not all parents take advantage of it. In fact, all children aged between six and 15 who are registered with the Andalusian health service have the right to basic dental care and certain treatments free of charge.

How does the system work?

Free basic dental care and special treatments begin on 1 January in the year in which a child reaches six years of age and finish on 31 December in the year they are 15.

The dental care includes an annual check-up and advice on dental health and diet. If the dentist thinks they are necessary, the following treatments are also available at no cost:

• Sealing of fissures in healthy permanent teeth to prevent caries.

• Fillings in the case of caries being present.

• Suitable treatment for dental lesions.

• Extraction of milk teeth

• Extraction of a permanent tooth if the dentist believes there is no option to save it

• Cleaning to remove tartar

• Certain treatments for damage or malformations of incisors

What is not included free of charge

The treatments which have to be paid for include:

• Treatment for trauma to the incisor group when a third party exists who is obliged to pay for the treatment

• Orthodontic treatment, without prejudice to that included in dental care in special situations

• Repairs to milk teeth

• X-rays and other diagnostic tests and any intervention prior to or necessary for the same.

Choosing a dentist

The Junta de Andalucía also points out that anyone is free to choose a dentist from the registered list each year. However, in the month of December, only dentists working in the public sector may be selected.



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