Experts warn of a "significant increase" in cockroaches in Andalucía this summer. Pixabay
Experts warn of 'huge increase' in number of cockroaches this summer

Experts warn of 'huge increase' in number of cockroaches this summer

Climate change and rising temperatures accelerate their life cycle leading to a proliferation of the pests

Alberto Flores


Tuesday, 11 June 2024, 08:39

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The arrival of warm weather always means an increase in the population of various insects in Spain. This proliferation can sometimes be so high that they end up becoming problematic pests. This has been seen in Andalucía in recent years with tiger mosquitoes, processionary caterpillars and ticks. However, this summer there is one insect that could increase its presence much more than the others: the cockroach.

"There are more and more arthropods in general due to climate change, which gives them more time throughout the year to reproduce," Jorge Galván, director general of the Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Sanidad Ambiental (Anecpla) , told SUR's sister newspaper Ideal. The summers are getting longer, which means that the populations of these insects are increasing. In the case of cockroaches, this situation is compounded by the fact that they are becoming resistant to biocides.

"Some types of cockroaches have experienced random genetic alterations that make them resistant to certain types of biocides," something that can happen to any species but in the case of cockroaches is making it "more complicated" to get rid of them. This situation makes the work of pest control even more complicated as it is important to carry out a specific diagnosis to determine which treatment should be applied in order to be effective.

The increase in the cockroach population will affect the whole of Andalucía, although it will be greater in coastal areas. "In these areas there is tourism and overcrowding, which leads to more waste and makes it more difficult to maintain good hygiene conditions," and this is a perfect breeding ground for the proliferation of these arthropods.

How to limit the presence of cockroaches

Having a high presence of cockroaches can be quite problematic. In fact, one of the biggest risks of an increase in cockroaches is the harmful bacteria and viruses they can transmit to people. This is even more important in the food industry, where the presence of cockroaches is even more serious.

Anecpla points out that there are some guidelines to follow to reduce the risk of cockroach infestations in the home:

- Maintain good daily cleanliness and avoid leaving accessible food leftovers or waste.

- Prevent water leaks and damp areas.

- Sealing cracks, holes and crevices.

- Use litter bins with tight-fitting lids.

"If we have a specific problem at home, we can use an insecticide", explains Jorge, although he clarifies that it is important "not to abuse them". In the event that the problem doesn't go away the Anecpla director general points out that it will be time to call in a specialist.

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