A procession in Malaga on Palm Sunday. / sur

Not enough people are wearing masks this Easter, says Junta expert

The Andalusian government's spokeswoman for coronavirus monitoring is warning that many seem to think the pandemic is over now and that is not the case

E.P. Seville

The spokeswoman for the Andalusian government’s coronavirus monitoring group, Dr Inmaculada Salcedo, says she is worried by the fact that so few people who watched the Easter processions yesterday were wearing a mask.

In a radio interview, she said people seem to think the pandemic is over now, but that is not the case. Although the situation is not as bad as it was in the first wave, she said, elderly and vulnerable people are still dying even though they are fully vaccinated, and that is why people should be careful. The number of people she saw wearing masks among the crowds of people outside on Sunday was far lower than she considers sensible.

When it was pointed out that people were watching the processions outside, where there is less risk, Dr Salcedo agreed that that is so, but said the problem comes when they crowd indoors to eat and drink, because nobody will be wearing a mask then.

The Spanish government has announced that masks will no longer be obligatory inside buildings from 20 April, but the doctor said she is pleased that they will still have to be worn in hospitals and residential homes for the elderly.