Masks are currently obligatory inside buildings. / pankra nieto

Spain plans to end the mandatory wearing of coronavirus masks indoors later this month

The exact details have not yet been finalised but the government is due to approve the law change on 19 April - and it could come into effect as soon as the following day. However, the face covering will still be required in hospitals, residences and on public transport

R.C. Madrid

Spain is expected to start phasing out the obligation to wear a mask inside buildings after Easter, and the move is due to be approved by the government on 19 April. Not all the details have been finalised yet, but it is thought that the rule will be lifted in schools first, but will continue to apply in hospitals, residential homes and on public transport.

It could come into effect as soon as the following day as soon - as the law change is published in Spain's BOE, the official State Gazette.

The Minister of Health and regional health ministers will be discussing the move on Thursday, but not everywhere is in favour of lifting the rule yet. Madrid and Catalonia are in favour of abandoning masks straight away, but the Basque region and Andalucía think differently.

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, says this should not be done for at least “a month and a half” after Easter and the April Fair in Seville, because it is possible that there will be a significant increase in cases because of the crowds.