The number of National Police officers has increased by 12.5 per cent in recent years. / sur

Crime rate in Andalucía is lower than Spain's national average

The latest report, for the first nine months of 2022, shows that the region had 43.6 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants, some 4.4 points below the rate for the country as a whole


Crime rate figures issued at the end of the third quarter of this year in Andalucía have shown that the region has an average of 43.6 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants and this is 4.4 points below the figure for Spain as a whole, which was 48.

The figures from the Ministry of the Interior also show that Andalucía is ninth on the list in terms of crime-fighting personnel, with 28,768 in total, an increase of 9.1% compared with 2015.

Of these, 15,375 are Guardia Civil officers (an increase of 904, which is 6.2% more than in 2015) and 13,393 National Police officers (1,484 more than in 2015 and an increase of 12.5%).

Number of crimes up by 3%

In absolute terms, between January and September 2022 the number of crimes in Andalucía was 3% higher than in 2019, at 284,436 cases. The year 2019 is used as a comparison because it was before the pandemic so no restrictions applied.

In Spain as a whole the number of crimes also went up, especially cybercrimes which increased by 107% compared with the same period three years ago.

The report shows that the security forces solved 40.7% of the crimes which were committed up until the end of September this year (115,905), 114,809 of them by the National Police and Guardia Civil and 1,096 by Regional and Local Police forces.

The arrest rate during this period was 248 for every 1,000 crimes. In total 70,442 suspects were detained, of whom 55,104 were Spanish.