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Rape cases in Andalucía soared by 46.5 per cent in 2022, according to latest crime figures

Rape cases in Andalucía soared by 46.5 per cent in 2022, according to latest crime figures

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There was also a significant increase in attempted homicides, which rose by 81 per cent compared to 2019

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Tuesday, 21 March 2023, 12:54


The number of reported rape cases rose by 46.5 per cent in 2022 in Andalucía compared to 2019, according to the Ministry of the Interior's crime report, which also shows rises in attempted homicides (+81.4%) and offences involving assault or aggression (+39.2%) compared to 2019, the year prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this period, cyber crime also increased by 98.9 per cent in the region.

The figures for rape in Andalucía between 2019 and 2022 are lower than the national average, which stands at 53.2 per cent, while crimes involving aggression or assault were 7.4 points higher than the rise recorded in Spain as a whole, of 31.8 per cent.

According to the Balance of Crime report for the twelve months of 2022, consulted by Europa Press, a total of 379,540 crimes were recorded in Andalucía in 2022, which represents an upward variation of 11.9% compared to 2019, and 20.5% if the comparison is established with 2021.

Increase in offences against sexual freedom

Crime in general doubled in Andalucía between 2019 and 2022 in percentage terms, compared with Spain as a whole, where 2.3 million crimes were recorded, 5.7% more than in 2019 and 18% more than in 2021.

With regard to crimes against sexual freedom, data from the Ministry of the Interior show an increase of 22.4% in Andalucía in 2022 compared to 2019 - from 2,178 to 2,666 - and 14% compared to 2021.

Within these crimes against sexual freedom, the statistics distinguish between sexual assaults with penetration - where the aforementioned rise of 46.5% in Andalucía in 2022 compared to 2019 is included, from 258 to 378 - and the "other crimes" in this category, which rose in by 19.2% last year compared to 2019, and by 11.2% compared to 2019.

Number of offences dropped during pandemic

In relation to Spain as a whole, the Interior Ministry report recognises that "the trend of a sharp increase" in crimes against sexual freedom continues, which goes back to 2014. This type of crime has seen a 28% increase, including crimes under Title VIII of Book II of the Penal Code.

In Spain as a whole, the Interior Ministry estimates 2,870 rapes took place in 2022, which represents an increase of 53% compared to 2019 (1,873 cases) and 33.9% compared to 2021 (2,143 cases).

Other crimes against sexual freedom - excluding rape and crimes associated with cyber crime - are up 24% for the country as a whole compared to before the pandemic, where mobility restrictions reduced offences.

"This increase is partly related to active policies to raise awareness and reduce social and personal tolerance of this type of crime, which has seen a greater willingness on the part of victims to report it," the Interior Ministry says of sexual crimes.

In October, the government approved the 'only yes is yes' law, which aims to prevent and punish crime against sexual freedom. The law has generated controversy due to reduced sentences and release from prison, which has led Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's government to propose a reform of the law promoted by the Ministry of Equality.

Conventional crime

Unlike last quarter's report, the annual balance sheet now includes data from all the state security forces, differentiating between conventional and cybercrime.

In Andalucía conventional crime rose by 3.8% in 2022 compared to 2019, with 310,666 criminal offences recorded; 18.4% more than in 2021. However, the national average reflects a 1.6% drop in conventional crime compared to before the pandemic.

The accumulated data from January to December 2022 show a rise in drug trafficking both at Andalusian (5.5%) and national level (+14%), which the Interior Ministry relates to the actions of state security forces in plans like the one in Campo de Gibraltar, interpreting that, due to the fact that there are "very few complaints", it is actually "an indicator of police activity".

Cyber crime

Cyber crime in Andalucía grew by 98.9% in 2022 compared to 2019, and by 34.1% compared to 2019. The Interior Ministry distinguishes between computer fraud and other cyber crime. The former rose in Andalucía by 112.7 per cent in 2022 compared to 2019 and by 40.1 per cent compared to 2021, to a total of 23,237 offences, while other cybercrimes increased by 39.6 per cent compared to 2019 and by five per cent compared to 2021, with a total of 5,418 offences.





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