Covid passport becomes mandatory for people over 12 to enter hospitality venues in Andalucía

Customers must prove that they are vaccinated against coronavirus or present a negative diagnostic test


The Covid passport has become mandatory to access the interior spaces of bars, restaurants and nightlife in Andalucía this Monday (20 December). The requirement will remain in place until, initially, next 15 January, after the order was published in the Junta’s Official Gazette (BOJA), late on Sunday evening. There was no reference to terraces or the exterior spaces of these establishments in the order.

After receiving the approval of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) on Friday, the Junta de Andalucía has ruled, as a preventive measure, that to enter an establishment customers must prove that the are fully vaccinated against Covid-19; produce the results of a negative diagnostic test performed in the last 72 hours if it is PCR and 48 hours if it is an antigen test; or prove that they have recovered from coronavirus in the last six months. It the latter case, customers must show that they were diagnosed as a confirmed case of Covid-19 by means of a PCR test 11 or more days previously.

To ensure compliance, customers must also prove their identity, as stated in the regionals Ministry of Health order.

The requirement will not apply to children under 12 years of age.

Personal health data

In order to guarantee maximum privacy, it is specified that the Covid certificate can only be requested for the purpose of verification.

"In no case will personal health data be kept, or files created with it," it stressed. The order emphasised that staff with access to or knowledge of the information on the certificates are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the personal details.

In addition, establishments must display a public information poster, stating the mandatory requirement to show a Covid certificate and ID to access the premises, as well as details of how they will not store health and personal data shown to them.

Lesser evil

The measure was seen by many in the hospitality sector as a lesser evil and preferable to the imposition of opening hour or capacity restrictions. But now it remains to be seen how it will be applied on a day-to-day basis.

To help businesses, the Junta’s health authority launched a new function on the 'Salud Andalucía' application on 7 December, including a QR code reader which can be used to verify the validity of European Union Covid certificates.

QR code reader

The reader verifies that the QR code is correct and reviews the data to verify its authenticity and expiry date. When the application certifies that the data is correct, it returns an ‘OK’ with the basic details of the holder (name and date of birth) so that the person validating it can verify that it corresponds to the identity of the person presenting it. The ‘OK’is shown with a large green circle with a tick inside. If it is not valid, a red circle is displayed with a cross in the centre.

The Covid certificate can be obtained in various ways in Andalucía, including via the ClicSalud + web page, the mobile app Salud Andalucía, through the Ministry of Health or at a health centre.